Government of the world make a policies to make public propress and public at their own efforts to improve their economic strength. Therefore, efforts from both side is made and efforts starts from beginning like very young students.

The majority of the students have to go through academic levels from beginning to end. There are millions of students rather if multiplied by various academic levels and this would continue from generation to generation. The size of the students may increase accordingly to the size of the country.

These projects will revitalize the economy of country and would help to create prosperous and decent generations. These projects are available on commercial contract bases. The financial institutions, the other corporate bodies and individual (s) can engage our expertise.

The size of the business is estimated around US $ 1 Billion in the first three years and later on never ending. These projects are equally applicable to under developing, developing and advanced countries of the world.


The Project Covers for the Following:


  • Matriculation: Manual with new description with 21st century educational requirements.
  • Intermediate: Manual with new description and relevant to the national economy of Pakistan.
  • Bachelor Degree: Manual with global application for business and employment.
  • Master Degree: Manual with managerial application.
  • Doctorate Program: With many core courses relevant to business and employment with leadership skills.



The projects for other countries are different from Pakistan.


The size of the investment and return on investment and other details of the contract is available and can be provided with initial terms and conditions on demand.

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 Munawar Hussain

Director International Business

Think Tank Pakistan


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