Master of Commerce,
Strathclyde Business School,
University of Strathclyde,
Glasgow United Kingdom.


Mr. Sultan A.Q. Khan has educated more than 32, 000 students in Business and Information Technology at Bachelor and Master Level. He has delivered more than 4000 lectures on Business, economics etc so far. He has also supervised more than 950 research projects relating to Business, Commerce and Industry. His contribution in education exceeds 150, 000 by educating students at various academic levels. In the entire education process, many International institutions of higher education extended their technical expertise. The institutions include Philippine School of Business Administration, Manila Republic of Philippine, Sul Ross State University, Alpine Texas USA and Dudley College of Technology UK etc.

He possesses very unique entrepreneurial leadership qualities. He has documented more than 500 topics relating to operating successful state and serious global financial and economic issues which are the coming threat to mankind in terms of extreme poverty, deprivation which will lead to global revolution without leadership, resulting into global confusion and global bloodbath. His main concern is how to reduce financial burden upon the governments and making world community prosperous in all stages of their life cycles.

He, along with his professional team, has developed solutions in the context of running a modern state in a highly complex environment, moreover, he has discovered a new system of economic and financial management potential to reduce the debt of an interested Country to a negligible level. In addition to this, he is a great political visionary who has solutions to many other problems and challenges which today the mankind and the states are facing.

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