The main objectives of the board are as follows:-


To bring artist community and its related trades under pensionable programme

Free treatment or in case of highly expensive treatment the arrangement is to be provided on subsidize prices.

Housing projects

Education to their children within their own means built in system and to get required support from the state

Obtaining funds from the government and other sources to improve the financial strength of the board

Establishment of code of conduct for the public presentation and operation of their businesses

Providing them ethical training and social responsibilities to make them realize that they are accountable before Almighty God. In this light they will have to exhibit their conduct

Establishment of certification institute for regular training and upgrading their learning process and performance

The involvement of thinking process to strengthen the consolidation of ideological boundaries of Pakistan through their services

Development of mechanism through which the interested may enhance their qualification in the similar or other field up to the doctorate level.

The ultimate object is to make them and their families’ independent, self reliant, progressive and educated

Performers of the following trades may become the member of this board (T.V Artist, Actors & Actresses, Film Producers, Film Directors, Story Writers, Singers, Anchors, News casters, All supporting staff working in the same trade.