Dated: November 18, 2011

Generally to compete in politics in Pakistan parallel (one option) man power needed to compete and gather public on current issues and party agenda is as follows:


According to union council size each province is estimated 6125 and counselor in each council constitute 21 members and total strength is required 128625.


This is model 1:


On the other hand if election context is to be launched at Pakistan level the following strength/candidates of national assembly required 340 candidates. Whereas, at provincial level need to have 728 candidates to context provincial assembly election. Moreover, women candidates in national assembly 60 women are needed and at provincial level 128 women candidates are needed.


In addition to this Non-Muslim women in national assembly 10 candidates and in provincial assembly 23 candidates are needed. So therefore, to fully compete the party has to have the manpower spread Pakistan is estimated 129914  members in a very organized manner.


The immediate requirement of the time would be as follows:


Financial Strength:


To assess the financial capability of the party and its members and workers have to visualize the financial support capability in the political process.