for Strengthening the Educational Institutions Worldwide

Needs international treaty among the member state countries to ensure funding the schools, technical institutions, colleges and universities, last attended by the students, to make $50 to $100 contribution annually to strengthen the educational institutions world wide because their role is much higher than what they are paid. It will definitely improve their efficiency in the ever changing economic and technological scenario ever weakening their sustainability and prosperity. We have contacted Head of the States (200) & Universities (200) worldwide, the Fortune 500 companies of the world. We have also contacted secretary general UNO, influential organizations and personalities world wide to come forward in the cause of strengthening educational institutions worldwide.

The students after getting education, training and skills become millionaire and billionaire but management of most of the educational institutions stay where they are; now it is time to pay due attention towards their elevation and prosperity too.


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Sultan A.Q. Khan



Think Tank Pakistan