The human kind has been struggling to create balance among themselves, therefore, they have been trying to discover economic system which can create an healthy and balanced living. They have been building economic system in various forms. This has been done on the bases of religion and also they have developed system like communism, socialism and current capitalism. They have also been fighting against one and other for economic prosperity. They have fought countless wars including first and second world wars and it still continues.
With the ongoing economic system around the world, poor become poorer and rich become richer. This situation has demoralized and upset the global economic scenarios.
In the light of earlier stated global picture which is very disturbing for all the people of the world except few, in this regard we carried out research in the context of ongoing economic imbalances globally; one thing attracted our attention towards Islam. Islam is the not confined to geographical location, race, language, religion, creed and color. Moreover, it also claims that it is revealed from the God. This further gained our attention and majority of the mankind believe in God in one way or the other.
The mankind believes and analysis that God has created everything what we see around us and within our selves. It means that God knowledge is supreme over everything. It further reflects that it would have all the solutions. Therefore, we carried out research on Islamic Economic in the Global Perspective and still continues.
We discovered and analyzed solutions which were hidden so far. This book is being documented after 1000 years, although Islam contains economic and allied solutions from its existence but Muslim and Non-Muslim were unable to extract its procedure and application. However, time and application is believed to be in the hand of Almighty Allah (God) regarding knowledge discovery and application for universal use.
This book would give a new vision to Muslim and non Muslim alike leading to new wealth creation and management around the world. 


Some of the contents description is as follow: “Islamic Economics” In the Global Perspective.



Sultan A.Q. Khan
Author of the Book