Islam lays great stress on inheritance, which means transfer of one’s possession to the near akin after one’s death according to the inheritance laws prescribed by Islam. Implementation on these laws is a very complex phenomenon where possession is transferred to son/sons, whereas, daughters and other deserving females are deprived of their share in the inheritance. if they  demand their share , they have to face the problem of disconnection with their parents and brother/brothers.


According to our research Rs. 1.5 trillion is not included in the economy of Pakistan because of ineffective laws of inheritance. This results in unequal distribution of wealth leading to poverty and creating a gap between the haves and have-nots. Implementation on Islamic inheritance laws must be made compulsory and we recommend a system of automation for this. It means lawful share should go to the blood relations automatically. The possessor should not be allowed to transfer his possession merely to son/sons and ignore daughter/ daughters or other deserving females during his life time and after his death every deserving person automatically should get his/ her share out of the possession in accordance with Islamic laws.


If the above- stated procedure is followed, it would naturally result in progress and prosperity of neglected people leading to prosperity of the nation as a whole.