Understanding Genders


Impossible for a common man to understand, accept and “Science explained people, but could not understand them. After tolerate their presence as part of society. The situation is more or long centuries among the bones and muscles it might be less the same across the world. Of late there has been seen a advancing to knowledge of the nerves, but this would never give grudging acceptance and understanding, but that is still not

understanding,”… poignantly put by E.M Forester, these words enough. stand true, especially when it comes to the general understanding and attitudes of most of us towards accepting the presence of the third gender.






Providing equal opportunities in getting education, employment, passport, ID card  and passport preparation etc.

Choice of profession

Defining means for the economic, social and educational development to make them more participatory in the development process and providing them respectable status in the society

Shifting them from social evils, by making them economically sound

Bringing them under pension able program

Providing them medical treatment without burden

Researching the existing system of their working, living and providing training program to develop them to avail futuristic opportunities for them

Defining ethical issues and creating closeness to Almighty God

Putting them on the path of proficiency, progress and dignity

Making laws to curb their public humiliation, re-integrating them with their families since they did not come in this world with their own intention and physical structure. This is test for them and for others from God.