1. To provide assistance to streamline the economic system of the world.
  2. To provide expertise to the interested countries in particular and world in general to reduce internal and external debts in order to provide relief to the public
  3. To convert social disorder into manageable social affairs
  4. To help to make common man’s life safe, secure and comfortable, particularly, in the old age life cycle.
  5. To provide expertise to uplift the down-trodden classes, orphans, widows and all those who want to come forward to make their life successful.
  6. Providing system and design to the governments to run their economic and financial affairs to make common man’s life easier and develop multilateral relation, particularly, business and trade etc.
  7. We have designed a system and theory for the world community to document a treaty for the following:
  • Drug dealers
  • Smugglers
  • Money launderers
  • Possessors of illegal wealth
  • Accumulators of wealth by unfair means
  1. Those who have been captured in the aforesaid crimes or under-surveillance
  2. To give them amnesty and possess country wise 50% of their wealth, assets and redirect these resources for the welfare of mankind and after amnesty they will not be subject to surveillance and under criminal observation to arrest them.
  3. And all those who have been imprisoned in aforesaid categories would also be freed provided they give 50% of their wealth towards social services. If they do not have wealth, assets etc and they were found as carriers, linkers they should also be released on the conditions that they would not do so again.
  4. And all those who are to be given amnesty would not commit the same offences and they would be re-examined after 5 years time.
  5. The purpose of general amnesty is to utilize wealth concentrated, unused for the welfare of those who deserve it.



Methodology Global amnesty Foundation:


This body will retain 20% of the wealth of those who are under amnesty and remaining wealth will stay with the base country: global amnesty fund. Both type of fund would be auditable and publically viewable through website details about expense and utilization of wealth in the social services.


Long Term Core Objects:


  1. To establish 100 hospitals across the world particularly in the 3rd world countries. The hospital’s design, structure, facilities etc would be according to the vision of Think Tank Pakistan.
  2. To establish 100 Universities in the under developing and developed world according to the vision of Think Tank Pakistan.
  3. To establish 100 women universities, particularly, in the Islamic world and other part of the world where female would be able to enhance their capabilities of doing business or providing expertise in multifarious areas.
  4. To establish 100 technical training institutes to provide opportunity for those who are unable to do so and bring them into professional world for further enhancement.