It has been in practice in Pakistan since 1947 till to date that an employee working with any government department would not be able to get his pension book processed even after retirement. The same department and its allied departments would charge bribe to prepare the pension book. Sometime, it takes months and months even then the delay continues. Therefore, legislation is urgently needed to avoid this type of practice; so, the core legislation should be based upon the following time frame:

The pension issuance process should be started three (3) months prior to actual retirement date.

The book should have been issued at least one week prior to retirement date.

Those who want to apply to earlier retirement, for them (A and B) procedure would apply.

If the book is not prepared one week prior to the retirement date, this will be considered an act of criminal negligence and cognizable by the police and financial penalty will be imposed and onward in promotion this will be considered in the service book. Disunity