Think Tank Pakistan’s 2014-15 Projects.

The world’s biggest online education

Online Education and Training Program through Information Technology

Online other Education and Training Program:


  1. National Institute of Teachers Training
  2. National Institute of Information Technology
  3. National Institute of  Software Development
  4. National Institute of  Employment and Business Management
  5. National Institute of  Building solution creating 1.5 million jobs across Pakistan
  6. National Institute of  Seafood training
  7. National Institute of English Language
  8. National Institute of Islamic Economics Research and Training
  9. Authority to grant Authorization/ affiliation, certification to the Inter related inter dependant our institutions. Names would be changed as per the recommendation of the Government


National Liability Management Program

Redefining the role, function and liability of sole proprietorship, partnership, business enterprises in Pakistan and further to generate Rs. 10 Billion each year with incremental trends and minimizing burden upon courts, police and jails.


Massive Employment Program

National domestic employment exchange

A new system and technology to provide employment and skills


National Health Coverage Program

The system and its related software have been developed to provide assistance to the Federal and Provincial Government to provide free medical services to all the citizens in the private sector whereas, those who are government employees they get health coverage only.


Online Government Management Application System

Government management application system with reference to federal government in general and Punjab government in particular