The Ulma of Islam have been playing very vital role in Pakistan to maintain peace, friendly relation with Muslims and Non-Muslims alike and they have disengaged majority of the public from violence and advised the well to do and government to provide opportunities to the neglected people and they have developed Schools, NGOs across Pakistan where millions of poverty-stricken people are getting education.


Think Tank Pakistan has analyzed that Ulmas’ have been going through serious hardships even then they continued their struggle to uplift the people from evils and we cannot help appreciating their wonderful role. It is high time to look after the Ulmas’ social and economic needs and integrate through this Board to exchange knowledge and to create further harmony among them.


It is categorically pointed out that Ulmas’ role should be admired and they should be provided with the following facilities:


1)      Pension Programme

2)      Medical facilities for them and their families

3)      Technical and advance education for their Children

4)      Housing schemes based upon interest free loans and it is also recommended that they should be provided houses free of cost.

5)      We have designed mechanism to operate this Board in appreciation of their services rendered to the neglected classes in Pakistan and Pakistan itself.