by women through expolitation control strategies

Our research reveals that that 54% population of Pakistan consists of women. There is massive violation of women’s rights which are as follows:


·         Physical violence

·         Rape by force

·         Throwing harmful chemicals on their faces as revenge

·         Honor-killing

·         Kid-knapping

·         Exploitation because of poverty

·         Targeting women for not bringing dowry

·         Targeting women for asking share from property, and many more


Therefore, it is strongly recommended that complaint centers be opened at the following  places:


·         Islamabad

·         Provinces

·         Districts

·         Tehsils

·         Councils




These complaint centers should be interlinked by telephone and website. Upon receiving complaint would link up complaint diary No to website and forward it to top hierarchy for record and reference. Top hierarchy includes:


a)      IG. of the respective province

b)      Chief justices of the respective provinces

c)      Chief Ministers of the respective provinces

d)     The PM of Pakistan

e)      The president of Pakistan

f)       Supreme Court of Pakistan



Complaint centre will be bound to activate the legal procedure to solve the grievances of the complainant and if it fails to do so the in charge of the center along with its relevant staff would be involved in same office for ignoring the complainants.