Think Thank Pakistan Outlines

  1. International institute of Islamic Economic research
  2. Seafood Development institute
  3. National teachers training institute
  4. National institute of information technology
  5. International institute of software development
  6. National building solutions
  7. National institute of youth development
  8. International institute of English language
  9. Esol
  10. Ministry of Marriage Affairs Administration
  11. Ministry of Islamic inheritance administration
  12. National economic and finance team formation
  13. National institute of political training
  14. National development team (consisting over 100 million members
  15. With formal/ informal training and benefits): working structure of the organization; District wise national development team; including Pakistani working and living overseas

  16. Online teachers training program (hierarchy chart)
  17. Public parliament
  18. Public secretariat
  19. Formal training program for political families
  20. Uniform education policy
  21. National health coverage services
  22. National pension coverage program for all the citizen in the private sector including Pakistanis working overseas
  23. Housing projects for homeless and tenants across Pakistan
  24. Additional Revenue generation mechanism besides existing projected revenue collection year wise in Pakistan
  25. From child labor to high growth professional development program
  26. Female food development program (alnoor institute)
  27. Accidental compensation coverage program
  28. Water resources development and management program
  29. Global online program
  30. Parents association of Pakistan
  31. National institute of teachers training  
  32. National health coverage program for all citizen of Pakistan.
  33. National pension coverage program for the citizen of Pakistan
  34. Housing projects for homeless and tenants across Pakistan
  35. National Political Training Institute
  36. Political Party manifesto design and development
  37. Innovation in Education by Adding New Courses from Matriculation to Master Level
  38. Agriculture Group:

  39. Matriculation Agriculture Economy
  40. Intermediate Agriculture Business Management
  41. B.A.  Agriculture Business Development
  42. MSC Agriculture Business Research and Practices

    Nursery Business Development:

  43. Matriculation Nursery Economics
  44. Intermediate Nursery Business Enterprise
  45. B.A. Nursery Business Development
  46. M.A. Nursery Research Analysis and Development
  47. Business Management Group:

  48. Matriculation Business Management
  49. Intermediate Business Management
  50. B.A. Business Management
  51. M.A. Business Operations Management

    Social Sciences Group:

  52. Matriculation Social Sciences
  53. Intermediate Social Sciences
  54. B.A. Social Sciences
  55. M.A. Social Sciences
  56. MSC in Managerial Business Operations

    National Data Collection and Management

  57. Matriculation National Data Research
  58. Inter National Data Economics
  59. Bachelor National Data Management
  60. Master National Data Analysis Research and System Design
  61. Designed and developed Uniform Education Policy
  62. National Development Team
  63. Teachers Training Program: 200,000 teachers to be trained between 2017 to 2022 by online training blend with formal learning
  64. National Teachers Training Institute
  65. Punjab Teachers Training Institute
  66. Sindh Teachers Training Institute
  67. KPK Teachers Training Institute
  68. Baluchistan Teachers Training Institute
  69. Federal Teachers Training Institute
  70. Accidental Coverage Scheme
  71. Food Development Program for Females from matriculation to master degree level
  72. National institute of Software Development: 150,000 teachers to be trained between 2017 to 2022 by online training blend with formal learning
  73. National institute of Information Technology: 150,000 IT professionals to be trained between 2017 to 2022 by online training blend with formal learning
  74. Smart Building Solutions: creating 2 million jobs without being burden upon the government and making country beautiful with global employment opportunities.
  75. Youth Development Program
  76. Rent Regularity Authority. Minimizing dispute between landlord and tenants, minimizing burden upon courts and jails and generating revenue billions of Rupees with increasing trends.
  77. Seafood Development Program between 2016-2025 worth US $ 9 billion
  78. Seafood educational and training program from:
  79. Certification Courses:

  80. Certificate in Fish Business Management
  81. Diploma in Seafood Business Management
  82. Practical Certificate Course in Seafood Import and Export Management
  83. Advance Diploma in Seafood Business Development
  84. Bachelor in seafood development
  85. Master in Seafood Development
  86. Family Protection Program
  87. Economic and Financial Resources Development: creating financial and economic resources through innovation and technology.
  88. Islamic Economics in Global Perspective
  89. Islamic Finance in Global Perspective: A public centered financial administration perspective
  90. Formation and Development of Economic and Finance Team. A team of 100 people to be developed in order to manage innovative and smart financial and economic affairs of the government and people and to defuse corruption. This is a formal training program. Its duration is projected minimum 1 yea. Highly suitable for political parties.
  91. Public Participation in the Political Process: a new dimension. A history making and winning program any political party who like to use our services.
  92. Mega Political Managerial Structure: this program has been designed to build up a team of around 1 crore members with formal and informal training with mutual benefits and advancing political agenda in the national interest. Highly useful tool for any political party.
  93. Public Politics in Pakistan. A system has beam designed through which public will have powerful participation in the political process and governance with unlimited recycling learning, experiencing and employment.  
  94. Jail Reforms
  95. Election Support technology
  96. Prostitute Welfare Board
  97. Pension Book issuance solution
  98. Grave Yard reforms. Our graveyards provide very ugly picture and most of them are poorly managed and it gives ugly and pathetic managerial capacity of a nation.
  99. Sewerage reforms and long term development program: overpopulated cities, high rise buildings, choking sewerage system and blasting situation arising in the near future and causing spread of diseases. We have designed a program to well in time control it.
  100. From child laborer to high growth professional scheme
  101. Artistic Welfare Board
  102. Khawaja Sarah Welfare Board
  103. Ulamah Welfare Board
  104. National Internet Management Board
  105. National Mobile Phones Management Board
  106. Justice system
  107. Bail System
  108. Oath System
  109. Witness Procedure
  110. Design and develop Uniform Education System across Pakistan
  111. Support Service Board
  112. Women Support Centers
  113. National information data bases: Any Information in 45 Seconds regarding income, expenditure and wealth.
  114. National Policy for Wash Room Design
  115. Forestry development program
  116. Industrial Reforms
  117. Auqaf Management
  118. Tax Reforms
  119. Inflation Control
  120. Milk production and Marketing Board
  121. Surplus Food-Policy development in the regional context
  122. Moderate Temperature Program
  123. Pollution Control
  124. Pollution Free Transportation
  125. National Business Services Standards
  126. Redesigning Bankruptcy laws
  127. Prize Bond restructuring Policy
  128. Online vehicle Verification
  129. Women Empowerment and protection within the context of Islam
  130. Reforms and development in Agriculture Sector
  131. Equipping the Labor with Skills
  132. Sanitation-Awareness
  133. Establishment of Cybernetic Corp.
  134. Lawyers Development Council
  135. Establishment of Intermediate education commission
  136. Strategic Partnership Ministry
  137. Speedy Media Trial Courts
  138. Training for Top- Leaders
  139. Reforms in Education Sectors
  140. Ulama Welfare Board
  141. Water Resources Development 
  142. Ministry of Islamic Inheritance Administration
  143. Ministry of Marriage Affairs
  144. Global Online Program: offering online courses worldwide in business, economics, banking, short courses and other educational programs in 2018 but system has already been designed
  145. Confession Registration Centre
  146. National Institute of English Language
  147. National Domestic Employment Program: a scheme to provide employment to male female across Pakistan province wise
  148. Political family training program
  149. National scheme for business
  150. liability insurance program
  151. MCS in the Mohammed (S.A.W) vision of human development
  152. Marriage and birth support program in KPK
  153. Business enterprises liability control program: Minimizing burden upon courts, police and jail
  154. National wealth development worth US $ 60 Billion in 7 years
  155. Way fare fund development authority
  156. Examination schedule uniformity all over Pakistan
  157. Will registration system and schedule all over Pakistan: Minimizing social disputes, burden upon courts, police and jails
  158. Audible control authority:
    1. Milk
    2. Honey
    3. Ghee
    4. Fruit
    5. Vegetable
    6. Meat
    7. Mutton
    8. Chicken
    9. Fish
    10. Water
    11. Olive oil
    12. Cooking oil
    13. Pulses
    14. Rice
    15. And other audible commodities  
  159. Training program for political families
  160. Water resources management
  161. National health coverage services
  162. Dr. A.Q. Khan hospital project fund raising program
  163. International English language testing system
  164. Distance learning program
  165. International college for boys
  166. International college for women
  167. Institute of business and economics
  168. Clyde international school
  169. International research centre
  170. Alnoor institute of food development for girls
  171. Parents association of Pakistan
  172. National sports and implementation management board.
  173. National import substitution directorate: to develop technologies, courses and material to reduce the import burden.
  174. Youth development program with
  175. particular reference to Saudi Arabia,

    Kuwait and UAE.

  176. National public food policy
  177. Punjab import & export of livestock authority
  178. Sindh import & export of livestock authority
  179. KPK import & export of livestock authority
  180. Federal import & export of livestock authority
  181. Baluchistan import & export of livestock authority
  182. Punjab Poultry development authority
  183. Sindh Poultry development authority
  184. KPK Poultry development authority
  185. Federal Poultry development authority
  186. Baluchistan Poultry development authority
  187. Development program in AJK (Formation of AJK business development authority)
  188. Livestock
  189. Seafood
  190. Poultry
  191. Rabbit farming
  192. Exploring goldmine and
  193. like oil spilling opportunities 
  194. Debt Reduction Management Services: massive national and external debt reduction management expertise
  195. Development of martial plan
  196. for any interested country

  197. Revolutionary economic &financial policy in short & long term leading to faster economic recovery and prosperity
  198. The robotic technology application in near future leading to higher production, cost and quality leadership
  199. Political manifestoes redesigning
  200. in the ongoing challenges

  201. Alternative high-speed,
  202. cargo services and comfortable travelling

  203. Establishment of digital economy
  204. Converting poor economies into dynamic markets
  205. Surplus wealth creation and its management
  206. Project leading to technical andhigher technical education of child labor in various industrial and non industrial sectors
  207. Electronics solution: a program in the global perspective to
  208. create national and global employment